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Loren Robinson Photo My path to becoming a psychologist was not a simple one. After leaving school I was faced with the tough decision of what career path I wanted to follow at the age of 18 with no life experience behind me.

I first went to university and completed a degree as a Physical Education Teacher as I enjoyed working with people. After a brief period of teaching I realized I was not happy with my chosen career, so I decided to broaden my horizons and explore the University of Life. This I did while backpacking through Europe and North America for a year in 1991.

On returning to South Africa, I completed a second degree in psychology, obtaining my Masters in Clinical psychology in 1996. Since qualifying as a psychologist I have worked with many people from different backgrounds. In the South African context, I spent my first few years treating primarily Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I ran group debriefing sessions for various large national retailers after traumatic events such as an armed robbery. I also conducted individual debriefing sessions for trauma victims. As my practice grew I found that I enjoyed working with individuals to help them cope with the everyday trials and tribulations of life.

Since qualifying as a psychologist I have continued my personal and professional development by completing various courses and acquiring numerous skills through ongoing training. I have completed the level two training in EMDR from the Francine Shapiro Institute in America as well as level two in Hypno-behavioural training from the American Society for Hypnotherapy, I have also completed a 6 month training in Neuropsychology with Roy Sugarman and completed courses in Thought Field Therapy (TFT), and Acceptance and Commitment therapy (ACT).

After making a successful move to Sydney in 2005 I have established my private practice where I work with individuals struggling with a broad range of issues which include depression, anxiety, stress, loss and trauma. Mostly all my experience and training has taught me that we are all on a path making our way through life wanting to connect to others and ourselves. For some of us this comes more easily than for others. It is in this space of connection that I work, bringing my personal and professional experience to the therapeutic relationship. I adopt a humanistic approach in therapy by treating my clients in the same manner that I would like to be treated as a client. As Michael Khan describes it in his book ‘Between Therapist and Client’: “I’ve been a client long before I ever was a therapist…”

I draw on numerous skills and approaches when working with my clients. My approach is determined by the nature of what my client presents to me. To quote what a professor at graduate school said to me “If you ever treat two clients exactly the same, you have failed one of them”.

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